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Further aid for quake-hit families in Peru

Family committee leader organising community following Peru earthquake 2008 ERPSince the disaster on 15 August, more SOS Children's Village staff has moved to the quake-hit areas bringing support for the thousands of families and children who continue growing in number. Until yesterday, two more relief programmes have been opened in Pisco and Chincha.

The new centres have been established in the neighbourhood of Las Palmeras in Pisco and Sunampe in Chincha. The former is located in the district of Santa Cruz, in Pisco, and is giving support to over 330 families. Most of the families are still sleeping in the open, so they are still seeking for a place to sleep. Apart from blankets, SOS Children's Villages has provided food and other goods for day-to-day requirements which are being handed out to the affected families coming from the different neighbourhoods.

The relief programme in Sunampe is assuring daily meals for 250 children. On top of that, the affected families are being helped with organising communal casseroles which have already started to operate. They prepare communal meals for the people living in each block.

Another district where SOS Children's Villages is going to start emergency relief measures is Guadalupe. The plan is to support 500 children in the district.


100% of child sponsorship donations with SOS Children are used for the care of children.