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2007 Peru Earthquake

Aid being given to children following earthquake in Peru 2008 ERP

A summary of the aims of the emergency relief provided by SOS Children in Peru during 2007.

Location Number of Beneficiaries Description
Pisco (Las Palmeras, Santa Cruz and Nueva Juventud) 239 children
183 families
The priority of support in these sectors is children under five. Family committees have already been formed and they have started to carry out different activities.
The committees have set up one more communal casserole and have bought a gas cooker as well as a big pot among other things to supply daily hot meals. They have moved temporarily to an open place while the house where they were functioning is repaired.
Chincha (Sunampe) 392 children
327 families
The several family committees already consolidated in the sector are currently providing daily hot meals.
In the meantime, the provision of breakfasts for children continues: chocolate milk, juice, two bars of biscuits and a can of tuna. The can of tuna is now accompanied by some onions and potatoes which are included in the daily meals.
Cañete (Sta. Barbara) 218 children
200 families
The provision of breakfasts, consisting of chocolate milk, juice, two bars of biscuits and a tin of tuna continues.
Ica (Guadalupe) 407 children
298 families
The consolidated family committee in Guadalupe has opened, among other things, a module for early stimulation of children under five. The capacity of the module is 50 children.
A locally recognised commercial centre has supported the SOS Children’s Villages actions by bringing important provisions of new clothes for the affected children. They have also brought foods and drinkable water.
Some other donations of clothes have also been received from particular friends of the organisations.


SOS Children’s Villages provide a warm, safe environment for happy children to grow up in.